What We Believe...

At South Yukon, we strive to have a Common Mind, Glorify God in Worship, Be Committed to Prayer, and to Be and Make Disciples.

Our aim at South Yukon is to have a Common Mind for reading God's word and walking his path through Bible study, prayerful discussion, and worship.

In Worship we strive to Glorify God through song, prayer and communion.

We are Committed to Prayer not only in worship, but in our daily lives, striving to "pray without ceasing" and consulting God in all things.

In walking this path, our aim is to Be and Make Loving Disciples of God, to be a welcoming, loving community that demonstrates God's love to others.

In addition to worship, we also have many active ministries, such as our Youth Crew, Ladies' Ministry, Men's Ministry, His Kids (special needs), and many more. There is a place to belong for everyone at South Yukon.

"...of one heart and soul...and they had everything in common." ~ Acts 4:32